Vas 'OMENTIS' Mariano
Vas, default 17 year old angsty teenager from Portugal.
Welcome to my blog, here I post my drawings, sketches and animations, among other things.

So here’s a dumb lil’ loop I made for practice. Been trying to get more into animation as of recently hah.

Click the gif for the swf file!

Sorry for the lack of updates, been at a bad place with art recently.
Here’s something I did for Pixel Joint’s weekly challenge thing.

1x version:


Walk and run cycles of the main character in my game project. Doing these was a lot of fun haha.

Unsure on whether or not I should use this as a my game development blog too…

For some reason I got a somewhat old drawing to use as my avatar for this blog, so I might aswell post the full drawing on here too lmao.


Congrats on raising $24663 with the charity stream!

Congratulations at the guys over at Vinesauce and to everyone who watched/contributed to the stream! Amazing job!

I’ve been trying to figure out a painting style that I’m comfortable with and that I can manage to do quickly for the longest time now and I think I’ve finally found it.


I did a splash page for Vinesauce’s upcoming charity stream!
If you can, definitely go check out this stream and, if you can, donate a buck or two! What these guys are doing is amazing and if you see this be sure to spread this out and around so that more people can know about it!

What heck are you doing browsing Tumblr? Go watch Vinesauce's charity stream! It's been going on for only a few hours and they've already managed to raise 3000+ dollars out of their 5000 dollar goal for the charity!

Let’s help them out and annihilate that stretch goal!

So last year I decided it would be good practise to do that pokemon calendar challenge thing. Although it didn’t last very long though as you can see hahah.

I originally posted these on my old blog but they didn’t get much love, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-post them all nicely in one photoset!

In the hope of reaching out to my followers I actually managed to lose a couple instead.

It was worth a shot haha„,